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MSL is a singer-songwriter and world champion fighter located in florida, USA. he is the great grandson of former canadian prime minister louis st. laurent. information about some of his current and past projects can be found below:

MSL is the host of MLW radio, a podcast featuring interviews with some of pro wrestling's most interesting personalities. the show is available on and itunes.

MSL is a musician currently focused on solo material after years of playing with bands such as the universe brothers (guitar & vocals), profitdead (vocals), dogjam (keyboard) and the chernobyl beach party (keyboard & vocals).

MSL has worked as a play-by-play and color commentator for several international sports organizations, including ring of honor wrestling, IWA puerto rico and IWA japan.

MSL is the executive producer of scott hall & larry zbyszko's I BELIEVE IN WRESTLING organization. he has wrestled all over the country, capturing multiple world, regional and state championships along the way.

MSL specializes in viral marketing and many of his campaigns have received worldwide media coverage.

MSL is the creator and producer of scott hall TV, a web series that developed a following of over one million viewers in just a matter of months.

MSL has worked as an assistant producer and camera operator for television and film productions, including the frank shamrock ungloved mixed martial arts reality series.